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About editor

Ardzon is a FREE web based JavaScript WYSIWYG editor for websites. It works with pictures, hyperlinks, tables. Can be used with any website. The code has a size of 80kb only! It has ability to set decoration themes (color schemes), has multi-lingual support.


One of the main particularities of editor is compactness of code, as well as simplicity of connecting and calling on website. In the change from other editors, Ardzon has minimum sufficient features for functioning (working) with contents of website. It is reason of a shortenned size of code and speeds up a functioning. Purpose of editor Ardzon - be to compact, suitable, compatible.


Editor exists since 2006. About one year an editor was component part of Site building system SBS "Web-Pro" and was used in control panel. After deep modernizations has gained a mass of additional features and become an independent utility.